Put on energy


By sprinkling your down (both natural and result of a transplant)* with MAgnifique poil mousse you can turn every single hair of your body into a heliotropic panel. Your hair will move looking for the closest light source and will absorb its photons to then turn everything into energy. If you need you can become hotspots, recharge your appliances, transfer and share data and get new and fascinating performances from your body. You yourselves can send your printer which pictures you need, download you play-list directly form your mobile to your stereo, tune on your favourite video channel or check your household appliances. No connection problems, you will generate the electromagnetic field you need.

Hair becomes a protagonist again and turns into a source of multiple energy. The heliotropic movement on every hair will catch the eyes of the people you'll meet, you can choose to treat only some areas to get a more evident effect or to unify the movement to the whole surface. Think of the natural growth of hair during one's life: at birth it is scarce, energy and adaptation abilities are incredible, but with the passing of time the hair increase naturally in "strategic" areas and related to feelings, as if they help our body to always be connected and inter-connected with the surrounding world.


MAgnifique poil is a mousse deeply absorbed by the hair, the hormones modify the cells water content by making some of them expand and reduce the opposite ones. These hormones movement will cause the movement of your hair in the direction where light is stronger, thus guaranteeing you a stable, safe and green connection.**


Massage Poil on clean and dry skin with circular movements with your fingertips thus favouring the absorption by the skin. Put on once a day. Thanks to a percentage of essential oils in its natural composition, Poil can replace your daily moisturising cream.

*Please consult MAgnifique extreme section for grafts and boosts.
** Connection speed may vary according to the bearer's physic and psychic conditions. The hormones don't interfere with other skin natural process nor with hormone medical appliances such as contraceptives, menopause or thyroid treatments. MAgnifique products don't interfere with the organs and liquids involved and are not medical appliances.



Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n)
Tecnologia Bluetooth 4.0
(850, 900, 1900, 2100 MHz)
(850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz)
4G LTE (700, 2100MHz)

Every package contains:

A 50 gr mousse bottle.
A spatula and an applicator travel.
A guidebook to MAgnifique line.