MAgnifique Particulière

For special creatures

MAgnifique Extrême


A special line for the youngest.

A temporary MAgnifique liquids to add to your child's meals to make his or her tears matching with your outfit. In a special occasion nothing must be left to the case.

A MAgnifique lumineux to increase expression lines from a very early age: help your kids to shine.

A MAgnifique poil interacting with the endocrine system to gently increase dawn and make your kids full of energy.

And finally Je suis blanc, the bleacher making your little kids real dolls: dressing them up and staying with them will become a fantastic game*.


A delicate line, special for people affected by pathologies. A difficult and challenging path that, thanks to MAgnifique products, can become colourful and help the patient to improve.

Give your disease a bright shade or enlighten your bedsores, give yourselves an "en bleu" transfusion. A valid help for the young and the old, that will see their liquids becoming colourful, their bodies enlightening and maybe a smile will help them to be more peaceful**.

* With the exception of MAgnifique Lumineux, the listed products have a temporary and reversible effect. They don't interact with the normal physic and psychological growth process.
** Facilitations and product free samples are foreseen.