MAgnifique Bijoux

For a precious body

MAgnifique Bijoux

How they work

A jewel's splendour together with a trans-dermic appliance: that's how to define a MAgnifique bijoux.
Put the product in the semi-solid appliance tank and then put it on clean and dry skin. A special membrane will check the release and the spread of the liquid*.
After passing through the skin, the liquid will enter into circulation and then reach the organ or gland for the production of the liquid chosen to be coloured**.

Put on a MAgnifique bijoux, put on "airs".

*MAgnifique Lumineux, Poil and Particulier are not compatible. The area chosen for the installation may affect the liquid's colour.
Please check the table in the package before graft. MAgnifique bijoux can be personalized in colour and material. The bijoux tank capacity can vary according to its size.
** MAgnifique bijoux can manage also the line's normally swallowed products. For any more information on the product assumption or absorption methods please consult the booklet in the package.