Colour your emotions


Your bodily liquids tell more than one thousand words and never lie.
Sweat, saliva, sperm show themselves only when the body is stimulated by intense and true emotions.
Your body tells about you and for you: colour your bodily liquids with Liquides pigments.
Emotions and feelings won't be a secret any more but a pleasant surprise for those provoking in you emotions becoming visible.
You'll learn to live better, to listen to and see your body and your feelings as you have never done before.
A caress will cause a colour you chose, an intense encounter will become a shade fusion, a kiss will leave a mark.
Stimulate your body and colour your life with emotions without any more fears.


Liquide is made of non-chemical and non-allergic colouring agents and substances. This makes it a safe product, suitable to all ages and people affected by specific pathologies.
Liquides active principle contains an hydrophilic polar end linking to the water molecules in the involved liquid thus colouring it, without deteriorating its composition or interfering with the organic function performed in any way*.


Every package contains 50ml of product to take by mouth** MAgnifique liquides is an odourless and flavourless liquid gel and it can be added to any food or taken with a simple glass of water. A small gesture to get an intense and lasting effect. To better and in a stylish way dose your MAgnifique liquides, put it into the special MAgnifique bijoux to get a gradual release of the product***.

* MAgnifique line products don't interfere with the activities of the organs and liquids involved. They don't interfere with male and female fertility. MAgnifique products are not medical appliances.
**The effect duration may vary according to the bearer's physical or psychic conditions.
***By wearing MAgnifique bijoux the product is taken through the skin. The product's effectiveness doesn't vary.




Vaginal mucus

Every package contains:

A 50 ml dye bottle.
One dosator.
A guidebook to MAgnifique Line.