Enlighten your age


Lumineux is a revolutionary gel fitting in your expression lines thus enlightening your face.
Every moment of your life has left a sign on your face and in your soul; from now on you can turn that story into a light, shining on you and the people around you.
Long life to emotions and experiences, live and use them at your best to then shine day after day, achievement after achievement, emotion after emotion.


Luciferin and luciferase, here are the secret ingredients making MAgnifique lumineux a bio-luminescent substance, revolutionary and natural. A series of chemical reactions, similar to those taking place in nature for some bacteria, for fireflies or mushrooms, turn the chemical energy produced into light. We have added a special extract form salmon's sperm DNA that recent studies have proved to be a perfect light conductor. Thanks to this special formula MAgnifique lumineux can reach a light flow up to 1750 lumens (100W).*


Using the applicator in the package, gently spread the gel in the lines to enlighten. For a more intense effect, put a double layer in every expression line, even the smallest, going up to the neck if the skin elasticity allows it. For a light effect apply only in the main lines around lips and eyes.

*Chemical reactions base on natural processes, safe for the skin. Suitable also to children under six and to people with pathologies such as skin melanomas, psoriasis and keratosis. MAgnifique products don't interfere with the activities of the organs and liquids involved and are not medical appliances.



Every package contains:

A 50 ml gel bottle.
Three applicators (small, medium, large).
A guidebook to MAgnifique Line.