Blue blood has always been a sign of elegance, splendour and aristocracy. Between history and story, Sang Bleu represents a clears sign of identity belonging. A strong message for those who want to make the difference.
Sang Bleu is available in two fittings: blue and glitter blue.

Sang bleu


The first food we learn to know, the most precious. From here the special MAgnifique gold edition was born. Lait d'or is a natural product fitting to the different structural components of mother's milk: colostrum, transition milk and mature milk*.
Lait d'or is available in two fittings: gold and glitter gold.

Lait d'or


As white as a porcelain doll, as white as snow: make your skin unique and neutre. Turn this organ into a canvas where to match your colours and allow accessories, make-up and clothes to frame your body and the person you are. You won't go unnoticed, you'll never be banal and your complexion will always be ready to express you at your best and suitable to every occasion.
Je suis blanc is available in three fittings: opaque, lucid and pearl white.

Je suis blanc


Every single-dose of Sang bleu, Lait d'or and Je suis blanc contains an odourless and tasteless solution that can be added to any food or taken with a simple glass of water**.

Every package contains:

16 single-doses of 10 gr.
A MAgnifique booklet.

*Clynical research has shown the product doesn't' affect mother's milk nutritious properties nor the baby's health.
To guarantee the colouring from the very first beginning of lactogenesis take the first dose of lait d'or one day after birth. MAgnifique products don't interfere with the organs and liquids involved.
**By wearing MAgnifique bijoux the product assumption is through the skin. The product's effectiveness doesn't vary.