MAgnifique Extrême

Only for those who dare to have the best

MAgnifique Extrême


A concentrate mix of natural substances and roots to enhance the production of your bodily liquids. Enhance your sweat, saliva, your most intimate secretions*. More liquids, more colours and emotions.


A pro-age integrator to intensify your skin's story. Expression lines tell about you, about your life: every line tells a moment has made you what you are now. Mark any moment on your face and by increasing your lines your splendour will. Enlighten yourselves up to dazzling.


An incredible tool to boost yourselves beyond limits. Make your dawn grow thicker with this hormone-based product.**. Choose the area you prefer for a funny and personal effect or uniform your mantle. With this hormone boost you'll improve your interactivity. If you need a strong dawn graft and cannot wait for a natural thickness use the extensions, available in different shades and materials.


Essence du Nord, Essence de l'Est, Essence de l'Ouest, Essence du Sud: four essences, inspired by the four cardinal points chosen for you and made with natural extracts and oils.
Every essence is characterized by an intense top note, a surrounding middle note and an unforgettable base note; choose your perfume and integrate it with one of the MAgnifiques to get an overwhelming multi-sensory experience***.

*The liquids increased production doesn't affect their fertilizing nature. No MAgnifique product alters the natural composition of the secretion involved.
**The hormones contained act only on the thickening of the dawn and don't interact with medical hormone-based appliances such as contraceptives, menopause or thyroid treatments. Natural dawn provide better stability. MAgnifique is not responsible for problems due to the wrong extension installation and to the following slowing or stop of the data flow.
***Lait d'or is not compatible with this product.