the Structure

The fundamental components of the Scapolare: the Base, the Talisman, the Decorations and Frequencies.

the Scapular
the Scapular

The Scapular is an ancient garment worn by monks that was born as a work apron to protect everyday clothes, over the years, it was then transformed into a devotional object of protection for the person. Today, thanks to this project, it conquers a new life becoming a curative, regenerating and meditative object capable of combining tradition and science.

We have long known that every human being is made of energy and that its vibrations are the movement of that energy through space. Although not all sound vibrations from the human ear, the skin, through small receptors present almost everywhere in the body, is also able to be audible below the vibrations to the sound propagating in the bones, tissues and

intra and extra cellular fluids of the organism. By choosing some vibrations rather than others, it is possible for one's own organism to positively begin a journey of inner knowledge, capable of leading the bearer to a revolutionary change.


Some implants made to measure for Scapolare wearers.

the Scapular of Nur
the Scapular of Nur
the Scapular of Ruth
the Scapular of Ruth
the Scapular of Akihiko
the Scapular of Akihiko

the Talisman

Choose your guide animal, we will transform it into your talisman.

the Hummingbird
the Hummingbird
the Talismano of Nur
the Snail
the Snail
the Talisman of ruth
the Oyster
the Oyster
the Talismano of Akihiko

the Decorations

Embroidery, moniti, and pendants. Wear positive symbols.

Basic color

To each his own. Each color has a meaning, choose the base for your Scapular.


Daily exhortations needed to improve, to be yourself.


Not simple decorations but motifs imbued with meaning and power.


A silhouette of an expensive item, of a book, of a cutlery. Each form a concept.

the Frequencies

Select the frequency package to be installed in your Scapular and start your journey


Each organ plays a specific frequency. Like in an orchestra, if each organ in harmony, the intonation will be perfect.


The frequencies of emotions. Anxiety, fear, harmony, inner awakening: everything will find its place within you.

8 Hz

A single frequency for a daring journey, mysterious and irrepressible. Increase your extrasensory faculties and more.


The App

Log in and start living your Scapular to the full. Download new frequencies and discover the meanings of the animals to match your talisman. Choose colors, warnings and symbols to decorate your Scapular. Match essences to your device increasing its potential.

Choose to change your life by giving yourself new and prodigious possibilities.