Infinite combinations of positive symbols to embellish your Scapular.

Colori Base
light reflections

Basic Color

The Scapular is available in different shades, all made of precious velvet. Each color is able to affect mood and emotions in a different way from person to person, based on their history, culture and experience. Precisely for this reason our experts will help you in finding the most suitable nuance to undertake this path.

The device necessary for the diffusion of the vibrational package selected by you will be kept inside the base.

Always with you


Words have weight. Choose the ones that best represent you and let them accompany you in every moment of your day. Wear a word and make it a warning.

precious knots


Threads that intertwine, drawing intimate symbols and meanings but with great visual power.

infinite combinations


Little secrets to wear and live every day. A silhouette of a dear object, a book, a cutlery. Each forms a concept, each concept a formula.

the Essences

Add an essence to your Scapular. Each fragrance is 100% natural and intervenes to amplify the healing potential of the device. Consult our experts and whether it is bitter orange to relax the muscles, rosemary for fatigue, vetiver to promote concentration or helichrysum for skin care, don't be afraid to dare: choose your favorite essence and wear it.