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When an individual becomes ill, his cells begin to vibrate at a frequency other than the natural one and to heal them, they must be subjected to the right frequency to force them to vibrate at the "healthy" frequency for as long as necessary until they are able to do it spontaneously. Each disorder has its own frequency which, on the other hand, responds (in resonance) to a specific optimal frequency to achieve complete recovery. People who maintain their correct frequency, at least of their immune system, are able to prevent the development of symptoms and diseases. This package contains healing frequencies for major organs and parts of the body.

Frequencies and notes of certain organs and parts of the body: Blood: 321.9Hz (E) | Adrenal: 492.8Hz (B) | Kidney: 319.88Hz (Eb) | Liver: 317.83Hz (Eb) | Bladder: 352Hz (F) | Intestine: 281Hz (C#) | Lung: 220Hz (A) | Colon: 176Hz (F) | Gall bladder: 164.3Hz (E) | Pancreas: 117.3Hz (C#) | Stomach: 110Hz (A) | Brain: 315.8Hz (Eb) | Fat cell: 295.8Hz (C#) | Muscle: 324Hz (E) | Bones: 418.3Hz (Ab).


Sensitivity, dreams, elaborate thoughts and difficulties in communicating with others can be the reason for an important and underestimated emotional imbalance. Getting your emotions and relationships in order is important to have the attitude you need to face every moment of life. Rebalancing one's being, to return to becoming a reference point for oneself and for others, is possible thanks to this package of frequencies. It is us and our emotional conditions that affect the world all the time.

Free from sense of guilt and anxiety: 396 Hz | Change, let go of the past: 417 Hz | DNA repair and harmonization: 528 Hz | Openness and connection in human relationships: 639 Hz | Stimulate inner awakening: 741 Hz | Return to the spiritual order: 852 Hz.


The most mysterious and daring package. These frequencies are not directly audible to the human ear but, through the receptors of the skin, they will reach every single cell and act in depth. It is important to know that these situations, which the brain experiences when it vibrates in Theta frequencies (4-8 hz), are the same frequencies that are experienced in the fleeting state of transition between wakefulness and sleep or between awakening and waking. Through a conscious and healthy use of these vibrations it is therefore possible to awaken latent capacities in the human brain such as extrasensory faculties, overwhelming creativity and profound insights of a scientific, mystical or behavioral nature. A mysterious state of the brain full of opportunities to experience intensely firsthand.

The eight cycles per second also counteract the harmful frequency waves of cell phones and microwaves providing total protection from external interference.


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For an even more immersive experience choose to isolate yourself from the world and focus only on your vibrations. Whether they are audible or not, immerse yourself in a bath of healing sounds while wearing earphones. When designing your Scapular, our experts will make earphones to coordinate with your device. Don't be satisfied with hearing but listen.