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"Renn is the unique collection of interiour jewels which makes your body even more precious.
This idea comes from the desire to make a moment, an emotion, a memory intimate and unique. One who chooses an interiour jewel decides to modify himself wearing, with discretion and resolution, a special object. Choose an interiour jewel, install it in the organ that you

want to enhance and let the light enter inside of you. An interiour jewel is not a mere object but a blessing, that you may wear with pride every day. It can be customized in design or with special incision, to make it even more similar to you or to whom will receive it. True beauty starts from inside".
-Mariangela Bombardieri-


Discover the most exclusive jewelry line ever. Designed by the artist Mariangela Bombardieri.
Choose the jewel that will make your body precious. Interiour beauty has never been so important.

Renn-Inner Jewels-Tonsille
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Renn-Inner Jewels-Cistfellea
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Renn-Inner Jewels-Appendice
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Renn-Inner Jewels-Ovaie
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Renn-Inner Jewels-Prostata
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Renn-Inner Jewels-Coclea
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A Gift

An interiour jewel will give shape to your emotions.

A Word

Let a personalized engraving speak for you.

A Promise

The most important "Yes" in your life will shine into you. Forever.

Renn gift box

The Choice

Renn offers you the opportunity to undergo a special CAT scan and have a consultation with one of our experts, in order to evaluate and previsualize how the jewel will harmonize with your organs*, scheduling changes and adaptaments. Choose calmly and serenely, because you are unique and your jewel will be unique too.

* In absence of the organ you required, RENN offers you the possibility to have an artificial organ grafting. You may consult our organ sheets for more datails. None of the jewelry interfere with the normal functions of the organ affected by the graft.

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The essencial is invisible to the eyes, but with our app it can be shown and shared.
Look for the jewel that is right for you, take a preview and share it with everybody.
Start showing yourself for what you are.

Discover the collection and the organ to enhance.
Examine the datasheets, the materials and the preciouse stones.
Try to wear our jewels and share a selfie to look for advise.
Meet our experts, have a personalized CAT scan and start to shine.

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Renn Inner Jewels collection is available, exclusively, in all the MAstore. Book an appointment or come and see their glam with your own eyes. We are waiting for you.