The Mvision project completely transforms the idea of vision and the idea of glasses, by opening new horizons and perspectives. To create this revolutionary line of monocles, Mvision relied on MAriangela Bombardieri.

"The collection is inspired by a new idea of vision of reality, decidedly deeper and more contemporary. Vision, as we know it today, is not enough: it is necessary to boost the vision organ to get new and revolutionary performances. The collection is made of seven monocles which, according to your needs, will regulate, adjust and improve your third-eye vision through the revitalization of your pineal gland.

Usually, with your third eye on, you can fascinate, influence and communicate with other people; reach new and astonishing awareness levels: imagine what you could do by regulating its functions with a Mvision appliance. We know that the third eye not only manages your eyes but also your skin and your nose; with Mvision your vision will turn into a complete multi-sensory experience.

Go beyond appearances, beyond the surface of things, be not satisfied with seeing but choose to look to get from yourselves and the world around you an intense and always new experience".

MAriangela Bombardieri