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 Anna Berndtson
 Sarah Braun
 Ivan Civic
 Yingmei Duan
 Nezaket Ekici
 Marica Gojevic
 Kinuko Hirano
 Eun-Hye Hwang
 Lotte Linder
 Daniel Mueller-Fredrichsen
 Declan Rooney
 Anton Soloveitchik
 Till Steinbrenner
 Dorte Strehlow
 Doreen Uhlig
 Heejung Um
 Mirko Winkel
 Herma Wittstock
 Viola Yesiltac
 Group work:
 Anna & Irina
 Lotte & Till
  Mariangela Bombardieri  


No title    2003


Listening to the music I like; eating the food I like; trying on my own clothes, readin my books,prying into my own thoughts, memories, scents. The onlooker is simply asked to enter my own life by using my own things. The only limit is time, which is scanned by the timer I hold in my hands.

Photo - Anna Berndtson (with a my camera in a performance)



The dance of the knife    2003


No sound, no noise. Just me and a Knife hanging over my head. A dialogue between me and the blade. I joke with this blade: I make it swing....... on and on..... meeting with his dance.

Photo and video - Yingmei Duan
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